What is Project Butterfly?

Project Butterfly is a thought experiment to design from nothing to something a web-based convention registration system and platform.  It covers all the bases:

  • Programming language
  • Core technology
  • Cloud architecture
  • Application architecture
  • DevOps automation
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication
  • Logging and monitoring

The final product should be a blueprint for a fully shippable, scalable and maintainable cloud-based platform. 

How is Agile being applied to this experiment?

Agile is just a project management methodology.  This project is small enough that it could have been designed up front but designing and iterating on the system demonstrates how the system expands and grows as new requirements come in from the business.  It also demonstrates how architects can work with development teams to deliver requirements every sprint.

Will Project Butterfly get built?

Unlikely unless I find time.  Pieces of it get built in a test environment to test out various pieces of technology but there is no baked product to ship at this time.